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Trade enquiries

Argan oil from the UCFA is safety assessed, certified organic and fair trade by Ecocert. It is also IGP (protected Geographical Indication) certified by  AMIGHA. This is the authentic argan oil.


I have established a wonderful contact with the UCFA, the first union of Berber women cooperative in South Morocco and have agreed to help them in their promotion. The UCFA is self goverened by women and represents 22 cooperatives, 1200 women who supply fair trade, organic and PGI certified argan oil.


This is the most ethical, purest, richest cosmetic organic argan oil available. They also supply the traditional culinary hand pressed argan oil and the latest most exclusive prickly pear seed oil (fig oil).


By buying from the Union, you contribute to a wonderful sustainable project with real impact on the environment and on an entire community, empowering women and fighting poverty.


For more info, please read more about the UCFA by clicking on UCFA on the menu bar.


Wholesale on pure argan from 10 litres onwards are sent directly from the UCFA.


I also supply the trade with my own products under Cocoon Therapies and offer excellent margins. I qualified with top grade from SNHS and have a diploma in Holistic Skincare Products. My products are safety assessed and comply to European regulations. Minimum order for trade price is £100.



For a quote or any more info, please

call: +447906004840

or email: [email protected]


Thank you for your interest.

Lets hope that like me you will fall in love with this magical oil and wonderful people who produce it.


Kind regards.

Christine Cellier-Clarke

Cocoon Therapies